Schiavone Shipyard born in the first half of 70’s. Firstly Renato Schiavone, then the son Giovanni, were able to mix functioning, efficiency, reliability and professionalism, points that turn in roughly 40 years Schiavone Shipyard unique for passion and tradition.

The facility take up 3.000 sqare meter and include storehouses, workshop, offices, carpenter’s shop and open spaces.

All the plant has obviously a way on the sea and exactly in the turistic Port of Acciaroli, a sea town inside Parco Nazionale del Cilento, awarded with 5 sails for its crystal clear waters.

All is flavored by a land that has a unique and remarkable landscape reality, both for the seaside then for the hilly near area. It’s not by chance that this place is more and more choose by travellers and tourists and more and more captains and owners choose Schiavone Shipyard for their yachts.

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